How much does it cost to ship a clawfoot tub shower?


Nearly ever time I bring up the topic of buying clawfoot tubs showers online I always get the question:

How much does it cost to ship a clawfoot tub?How much does it cost to have a clawfoot tub shower shipped to your house?
The answer is almost always NOTHING. Most of the reputable online retailers will cover the cost of shipping of items over a certain dollar amount and let’s face it, almost everything that you will ever buy associated with clawfoot tubs is not be “cheap”. So most shoppers will unquestionably reach that free shipping level by default.

Shipping methods
With the cast iron clawfoot tubs often weighing more than 250 pounds and acrylic tubs over 150 pounds your standard shipping companies will not be the ones handling the shipment and dropping it off at your front door. What usually happens is a tractor trailer delivers the crated tub and unloads it through a process known as curbside delivery. You will be responsible for moving the item from that point and into your home.

Some companies also offer lift gate services. This will get the crate off of the delivery truck MUCH easier. Even if this costs a few extra dollars, go ahead and pay for it.

Check it out!!
Whether you go with curbside or lift-gate delivery one thing you want to remember to do in your excitement is to open the crate and inspect the tub from end to end BEFORE the driver leaves. Doing this is crucial in the rare event that you do have damage or even the wrong order. Don’t forget!

Where you could incur costs is if you want to return a tub or faucet. If you are returning the tub simply because you don’t like the style as opposed to the tub being damaged then you will probably be responsible for the return shipping costs. This is also when the “free shipping” costs are revealed as the costs of shipping the tub to you will usually not be refunded along with the price of the tub. In many cases you will also be responsible for a restocking fee of 5 – 15%.

Get ready to bathe in style!
If curbside shipping and the returns thing scares you a little.. DON’T LET IT!! I have to admit I was a bit worried when I ordered my American Bath Factory tub in 2009 but it was all for no reason. It went as smooth as silk from beginning to end.

By shopping online you will undoubtedly have a better selection and save a lot of money. Just take your time and ask questions as necessary.

If you have more questions after reading this please leave them in the comments so that others can learn the answers as well.

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