Shipping and Moving Your Clawfoot Tub


I get a lot of questions about shipping clawfoot tubs like:

  • How much does it cost to ship a clawfoot tub?
  • What does the crate look like?
  • How much does a clawfoot tub weigh?
  • Will my clawfoot tub faucet be shipped separately from the tub?
  • What if my tub is damaged in shipping?

I usually point these people to two articles I’ve written about shipping clawfoot tubs and about why they should buy their clawfoot tub online.

No matter how much I explain with words though, nothing works as well as pictures.  So as I ran across this website the other day I knew that this would be something my readers could appreciate.

The first set of pictures you can see is the unpacking of the tub.  This is something you should do BEFORE the driver leaves.  If there is damage you need to know right away.  If they leave and the tub is damaged then you could be stuck with a damaged clawfoot tub.  Back to the point though.. here are some pictures:

As you can see it will only take 2 people to uncrate the tub. Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Next you can see what it takes to actually move a cast-iron clawfoot tub. I think their faces convey the weight of the tub very well.

Looks like all 4 lifters are fully engaged. Photo Credit:

Looks like the smallest guy is doing the bulk of the work here! Photo Credit:

Not much to hold on to. Photo Credit:

Home sweet home. Finally in place. I wonder if they will add a clawfoot tub shower? Photo Credit:

Well, I hope this visual gives you an idea about what’s involved in receiving a clawfoot tub as well as moving one.  I’ve got to say though that I think acrylic clawfoot tubs are the way to go.  Some people have to have the original though and I understand and respect that motivation as well.

You should check out the full renovation journal for Enon Hall in Lancaster County, Virginia.  It looks like they’ve put together quite a destination.

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